Christine M. Wallace  
Photographer.  Artist.  Muse.  Model.  Designer.  Writer.

City Girl.
Loves Jeans, T-Shirts & Flip Flops.
Overly Proud Of My Scottish Heritage

About Me:

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Christine (nee Wallace) Pilarski. I was born and raised in Buffalo, NY. I grew up in South Buffalo and currently reside in Kaisertown, just a hop, skip and jump away from my roots. My collection of work you will see here are an intimate and personal view into me, as an artist and how I view the world.


This is the best possible way to describe how I want someone to see what I see:
"You are my eyes when I cannot see clearly. You show me the world in ways I could have never imagined possible. Through your lens, you show me and everyone who take a slight moment in time, that there is always another perspective from which to view all that surrounds us. If given a chance, these images extend well beyond our vision and into our hearts and minds forever." ~Christine M. Wallace

About my work: My art is my passion. I am a photographer, it is my passion, my life and my entire being, although without my family and friends, I would be nothing. I do not just take pretty pictures, I capture personalities, the pure essence of a person or object. I want to show you how I view the world thru my lens. 

What have I learned: If there is one thing I have learned on my journey called life it is that every step forward makes you a better person and when you fall you become even more complete, for it is the falls that we must learn from.

Inspiration: My inspiration comes primarily from those closest to me: my daughters, my parents, my brother, my boyfriend and my closest friends.  Artists that I have found inspiration in include: John Lennon, Jerry Garcia, The Dahlia Lama, DaVinci, Picasso, Michelangelo, Andy Warhol, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Sigmund Freud, Karl Jung, and last (and certainly not least) Ansel Adams.

A lil bit more about me: 

My life is changing at a pace faster then most are willing to accept, I am ready to fully embrace all that this life has to offer me. My life may be changing, I, however, am not, I am simply evolving into what I am meant to be. I have always been, and always will be me, and the epitome of my own self. I fully believe that everything happens for a reason and that there is a lesson in every experience. I do not regret anything that has happened or any choices I have made, they are the building blocks of who I am, today. I am ambitious and outgoing, I rarely take no as an answer. I live for today, living one day at at time, sometimes even one moment at a time, yesterday is gone, leaving only it's lessons for me to learn from and there is no promise for a tomorrow, so I will not waste today waiting on that which may never come. To really know me, all you have to do is listen, I am an open book with many closed chapters. The woman that use to have insecurities because of a past is slowly emerging with strength and a secure sense of being that has not previously existed, this is because I force myself out of my little box of comfort so that I will continue evolving. As I get older, the world affects me in ways it has not in the past, the sheer disrespect and dishonor of people, as a whole, saddens me, but I do not let it bring me down. I strive to bring as much positivity into my life and I tend to share it with whomever wishes to receive it. 

I am a mom of two wonderful blessings, Caitlin (Born in 2000) and Laurana (Born in 2009).  My daughters are what give me my purpose in life, every decision, thought and action are done with their well being in the forefront of my mind.  In 2017, I married the love of my life, and life has been absolutely amazing! I could not ask for anything better then what I have right now. 


Born and raised in buffalo, I love the snow!!!!! Christmas is my favorite holiday because I love the get-togethers with family and friends, seeing children's eyes light up as they open each gift with anticipation ... and of course, being kissed underneath the mistletoe.

I believe in love at first sight, fairy tale lives and fate. 

I support the local music and art scene!

What makes me tick: photography, daisies, wine, music, art, writing, reading, white chocolate, strawberries, motorcycles, pin-ups, vintage cars, guitars, love, cooking and essential oils.

What makes me puke: fake people, love of money, greed, hate, stereotypes, political bumper stickers, liars.

What I want to do before I take my last breath: take ballroom dancing lessons, go horseback riding, learn to ski, learn to play guitar and the fiddle, see The Grand Canon, take an Alaskan Cruise, go to Scotland, Ireland, England, Tuscany, Spain and Greece (just to name a few).

I believe in a higher being. is it the same one you believe in, it may be ... I have yet to discover what it is I fully believe and I have resolved that I may never discover and that I may always be searching for the answer. I honestly believe that the things I believe in and have faith in are undefined in one specific religion or faith. I believe in that which I find hope and strength in.

My life - full of ups and downs, happiness and grief, loss and addition - an evenly balanced life is how I view it. "What if?" is not a part of me so I will always be the one to take a chance on life.

I have a passion for making my life a more natural one. I have started implementing the use of therapeutic grade essential oils in my life in 2012, I have noticed such a difference in my overall well-being. I am planting an organic veggie garden so that I can eat the fruits of my labor (err veggies LOL) without all the chemicals and other crap that is FDA approved to go onto our food. I am also switching over to the meat that is sold locally, organic, grass-fed animals that are not pumped with antibiotics and cornfeed. I have only this body I was given to house my soul, it is my responsibility to take care of it, and that is what I intend to do. You might think it is more expensive, but in the long run, it's really not. You will save money on dr visits, OTC and prescribed medicines, and growing your own fruits and veggies will save you a ton at the grocery store, not to mention the decrease on your carbon footprint.... 

I could not get thru the struggles of everyday life without these three simple phrases: 

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.